20-22 April 2012  –  Namur  –  Belgium

The Benelux Mathematical Olympiad (BxMO) is a mathematical competition dedicated to high school students from Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The first editions were held in the Netherlands in 2009 and 2010, and the third edition in Luxembourg in 2011. The 2012 edition is taking place in Belgium, at the cultural center Marcel Hicter "La Marlagne" in Wépion-Namur, from 20 to 22 April. The contest is individual and consists of the resolution of four problems whose level is nearly comparable to the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). An official delegation from each country is composed of ten students and three leaders. Half of the contestants are awarded a bronze, silver, or gold medals, in the ratio 3:2:1.

Supporting Universities


Friday 20
17h00-18h30Arrival at Namur
18h30-19h30 Dinner
19h30-20h30 Accommodation
20h30-...Social Activity
Saturday 21
7h45-8h15 Breakfast
8h30-13h00 Contest
13h15-14h00 Lunch
14h00-18h30 Excursion
18h30-19h30 Dinner
19h30-...Social Activity
Sunday 22
7h45-8h45 Breakfast
8h45-9h30 Leaving rooms
9h45-11h00 Lecture*
11h00-12h00 Award Ceremony
12h30-14h00 Lunch
14h00-15h00 Departure
* The lecture will be given by Professor François Glineur from the Université Catholique de Louvain.


BEL 1Stijn Cambie
BEL 2Steven Colleman
BEL 3Élise Delhez
BEL 4Gerwin Dox
BEL 5Thorvald Dox
BEL 6Antoine Dupuis
BEL 7Alexander Fisch
BEL 8Sophie Peng-Casavecchia
BEL 9Dieter Plessers
BEL 10Adrien Vandenschrick
BEL 11Stijn Symens
Deputy Leaders
BEL 12Pascal Dupont
BEL 13Peter Vandendriessche
LUX 1Ben Mirgain
LUX 2Gilles Englebert
LUX 3Michel Thull
LUX 4Philippe Scholtes
LUX 5Carole Muller
LUX 6Christina Meyer
LUX 7Patrick Meurin
LUX 8Linda Dell'Angela
LUX 9Charel Thull
LUX 10Eric Sinner
LUX 11Charles Leytem
Deputy Leaders
LUX 12Bernard Felten
LUX 13Mike Dostert
NLD 1Guus Berkelmans
NLD 2Peter Gerlagh
NLD 3Ragnar Groot Koerkamp
NLD 4Jan-Willem van Ittersum
NLD 5Matthijs Lip
NLD 6Djurre Tijsma
NLD 7Matthijs Vernooij
NLD 8Bas Verseveldt
NLD 9Jeroen Winkel
NLD 10Jetze Zoethout
NLD 11Johan Konter
Deputy Leaders
NLD 12Birgit van Dalen
NLD 13Julian Lyczak


Gold medals:Jetze Zoethout
Alexander Fisch
Ragnar Groot Koerkamp
Silver medals:Stijn Cambie
Guus Berkelmans
Gerwin Dox
Jeroen Winkel
Bas Verseveldt
Bronze medals:Élise Delhez
Matthijs Lip
Sophie Peng-Casavecchia
Thorvald Dox
Patrick Meurin
Dieter Plessers
Jan-Willem van Ittersum
Adrien Vandenschrick
Honourable mentions:Antoine Dupuis
Peter Gerlagh
Carole Muller
Djurre Tijsma
Christina Meyer
Ben Mirgain


Problems (English, French, Dutch)


Awards ceremony

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Regulations of the 4th Benelux Mathematical Olympiad

Information for contestants


The 4th Benelux Mathematical Olympiad is a joint organization of the "Vlaamse Wiskunde Olympiade" and the "Société belge des Professeurs de Mathématique d’expression française".

Chief Coordinator:Philippe Niederkorn
Coordinators:Maarten De Boeck
Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace
Nicolas Franco
François Glineur
Cor Hurkens
Timothée Marquis
Daan Michiel
Dennis Presotto
Organizers:Philippe Niederkorn
Gérald Troessaert
Stijn Symens
Nicolas Franco
Staff:Benoît Legat
Nicolas Radu
Mélanie Sedda
François Staelens

Previous Editions

3rd BxMO  –  6-8 May 2011  –  Mersch, Luxembourg

2nd BxMO  –  23-25 April 2010  –  Amsterdam, the Netherlands

1st BxMO  –  8-10 May 2009  –  Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands